The Static Sea

by The Static Sea

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Indie rock with African drums recorded in a bedroom in Jersey City, NJ. The debut EP by The Static Sea.


released April 9, 2011

The Static Sea is Brandon Kleiber and Jimmy Francis.



all rights reserved


The Static Sea Jersey City, New Jersey

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Track Name: I Won't Wait
I won't wait too long
Time says you're sure
So let it go on by

So come on!
I can't believe how we used to be friends, she said
I've got to know
I've got to go, she said
You took enough time
Enough of my heart, she said
I've got to know, got to know

It's time you start talking, if you should have the words
I know you play silent
I see it all, when I don't want to

Here's you're chance to take it back
So move on
Time says you're sure, don't let it go on by
Track Name: So Goes The Undertow
Sign on the line when it's time to sell your soul
No progress in silence
So goes the undertow

The story leaks, it's a B movie
A horror scene with the shittiest ending
You play the part and call it a loss
Cos what you're passing as a beating heart is a ticking bomb

It's big hit!
You've got children screaming and women leaning to kiss your filthy mouth
Can't stop you now!
It's prestigious!
You're sweeping award season with your picture greeting the shoppers in this town
And the tide rolls out...

The suit and tie, they bring out your eyes
Ocean-blue iris and the sadness inside them
But no act is feeble, they're pitching a sequel
A franchise can last so long
So let's go!

Now or never be free forever
All ties severed, true contender
This role you were born for, a lone rogue soldier
If fear moves closer then it's all over
You're dead, you're done

Then it moves on to the next one who can hold on to what it all means
No second-rate actor, no silver screen glamor
No everyman panhandler with a dream

No script, no cast, no focus-group
No audience, just me and you
All together with a broken projector
No cares, no prayers
Because there is no director
Track Name: Come Spring, Come Summer
Your heart was mine
Whether or not you have known
Too long time talks of weeping willows

But I couldn't let you know
How long it's been
I couldn't let you go

I left at winter's end
And then I was gone
Oh, come spring and summer
Grow the path I was on

Cos I don't wanna see it there
Autumn's almost here
Don't want to know
What I've done

It ends so fast
Like I knew it would
It ends when you're not careful
Track Name: It Walks
Baby needs a long vacation
Tell it to your poor bank statement

To get away
To leave the machine just for a day
Commuter train will feel like a far away dream

Baby runs the race all evening
When late at night, I slip away in toxic sleeping

A line divides the road
Some may come, some will go
But we're all headed home
Even lost souls like me

To walk away
From where we're fated, destined to stay
Commuter train still feels like a prison to me

It's true
It's not supposed to take this long
It's cool
It's not supposed to move
It walks
Ha, ha, ha

It walks away like a lover in the rain leaving everything
Commuter train, lock me up
Hide all the keys
Don't release me

Baby needs a long vacation
Late at night, she's questioning her situation
Ha, ha, ha
Track Name: If I Had Only Eyes
If there's words, than I'll remember,
So I got to make words work,
and remember time and place, and where I was.
I'm alone on my bed's corner, and that's the only place I've been,
While the city weather's right now to explore.

But I think I'll keep it up, oh if you only knew,
how I keep it up. How I still keep talking to you.

If I had only waited until you walked it out,
if I had only eyes to see it through,
If I was just a second late to call you out,
would you turn around or go straight home?

Would you call me in the afternoon,
like you'd do when nothing's wrong, nothing's wrong?

I think you'd probably wait until you built it up.
You would just hold on to being mad.
I have seen the bites from the calmest friends,
and you're just way too calm to be that cool.

But I think I'll keep it up, If you only knew,
how I keep it up, how I just keep talking to you.
Track Name: An Institution Sinks
An institution sinks
A poisoned well
You're fire in the sea
I'm ice in hell
A cold sweat!
Leave regrets for death
They don't belong

A weightless guarantee
A whispered lie
I can do all that you please
Just let me sleep at night
Because my head's a shipwreck
Don't let it bring you any stress
My heart is still strong

If the time has come
Ignore the cues, the starting gun
To make a break and waste away with me
The enemy, the charlatan
The dead end street, the blown engine
Yeah, money is thin
Life's hard, but not for long

Days changing states
Passing like thoughts, like hearts
My hands in yours
We'll carry on

Forward, girl!
The day is ours
Through blackened skies, with weary arms
You state all of your claims and sing along
No enemies, we charlatans
Our dead end street, my blown engine
Yeah, money is thin
Life's hard, so hard
But not for long